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A-Life Healthy Lifestyles and Fun Fitness Workshops for Children


This term we will be running healthy lifestyles workshops facilitated by A-Life

They will be hands-on workshops that let pupils delve in and find out for themselves about healthy living. The A-life coach will set out 20-25 hands-on activities around the room, so that children are never waiting to use equipment, they are engaged with a fun activity at all times. Each activity station has its own topic, hands-on equipment to explore, an information board and an activity card.

Topics include:

  • The human body
  • Healthy eating
  • A balanced diet
  • Nutritional values
  • The importance of physical activity
  • Teeth
  • Hygiene
  • Where food comes from
  • Sleep
  • Household safety

The above workshops will take place in the mornings and will be followed by fun fitness sessions in the afternoon.

Workshops will take place on Monday 21st November and Thursday 24th November 2016.

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