Proudly Achieving Together


Assemblies are a time when we all come together to share work and celebrate success, we use assemblies to mark festivals and celebrations from the major world religions or to listen to stories with a moral to help children develop a sense of right and wrong.

We use SEAL themes (happiness, ambition, determination for e.g.) each week to encourage working together as a community and developing mutual respect. The emphasis on our assemblies is to widen children’s spirituality through developing a sense of awe and wonder.


Parents have the right to withdraw a child from religious education and assemblies. However, the educational aims of religious education are quite separate from the role of home and faith community in fostering the growth of faith.

We believe that children of different faith communities can learn from one another. We encourage the children to see themselves as part of the whole school community and to provide opportunities to reflect on the importance of matters of belief and ethics.

Should a child be withdrawn, they will be provided with some appropriate work and be well supervised.


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