Proudly Achieving Together


At Oldhill, we place a strong emphasis on creativity within the curriculum. It is not only taught through discrete art, music, and drama lessons, but as a thread that runs through everything we do. We believe in nurturing children’s imagination and expression, and we provide many opportunities for children to develop their talents across the spectrum of creative arts.

Children are taught art and music by their class teachers as part of their topic work. They are taught skills which are appropriate for their year group in an encouraging and celebratory way. They also have opportunities to contribute to year group or whole school projects – such as community international days, talent shows, festive concerts, and vibrant corridor displays. The children practise singing together during a weekly music assembly, which is a highlight of the week. Different year groups have also had opportunities to participate in music workshops and attend concerts.

Over the last year, all children have had the opportunity to participate in dance workshops that were connected to their topic work. The children have found these fun and exciting, and they have been taught specific techniques by trained dancers.

Design Technology is also taught as part of topic, however, we also dedicate whole DT days that allow the children to have a deeper involvement in the design process.

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