Proudly Achieving Together


We offer a fun, engaging and inspiring curriculum. This includes formal learning in the classroom coupled
with social, personal and moral experiences gained from all aspects. Our creative curriculum inspires children to express their learning through alternative media such as dance and drama, art and crafts, music and technology.


Our literacy curriculum emphasises the importance of books and literature enabling children to become confident, happy and enthusiastic readers and writers. We understand the link between good talking and skilful writing.
We know that children will be motivated to write if the purpose of writing is clear. Writing is taught using core books, giving the children a secure context and purpose for their writing. Our children are taught key skills to help them plan, draft and edit their work, learn to proofread and improve their own writing, as well as having opportunity to discuss their writing with peers. We encourage children to read for pleasure and to develop a real passion for reading. Children take
part in daily reading sessions and are exposed to whole-class explicit teaching, group and partner work and are given time to apply knowledge and skills independently. The reading curriculum is stimulating and purposeful. High quality texts engage children in reading lessons and books linked to topics, trips and their own lives or preferences provide
children with clear motivation for reading. This links to wider enrichment opportunities.


Through maths, our aim is to teach the children to be creative thinkers and problem-solvers, encouraging the children to think for themselves. We develop core skills in children to enable them to apply maths outside the classroom. Our maths curriculum is a unique toolkit, carefully crafted to inspire a genuine love of maths and help every child master the national curriculum.


Science is a vital part of children’s learning in order to understand the world around them, and importantly, what the world might be like in the future. Our broad and exciting curriculum inspires inquisitive thinking and exploration. Questioning is at the heart of Science at Oldhill, helping children challenge their own ideas and develop understanding, a skill, which can be applied across all curriculum subjects.


Children learn Spanish from Year 3 to Year 6 from a specialist native Spanish speaking teacher. There are also opportunities in class for children to access Spanish beyond their weekly lesson. Instructions are often given in Spanish
to extend the children’s access to it and they are given opportunities to rehearse new vocabulary. Children are given lots of practice in speaking and listening and are encouraged to learn through songs, games and role play. We are lucky to have many native Spanish speaking children who are given the opportunity to develop their reading, writing and grammatical understanding, as well as acting as mentors to other children. We believe that learning a language enriches the curriculum and provides excitement, enjoyment

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