Proudly Achieving Together


The Chair’s Message

Welcome to our website!

This section explains what the Governing Body does and how we work with the School to monitor and guide it as staff raise achievement of all the pupils.

We are made up of members from the community, parents and members of the local authority so that we have a rounded and balanced set of views.

Our primary aim is to use the School’s resources effectively to ensure that we meet the needs of the pupils and staff. We do this by being a ‘critical friend’ to the school.

The Governing Body meets 6 times a year to carry out the duties as stated above; we also have a dedicated Resource Committee who looks in further detail at staffing and finances and how the school uses these effectively. This committee meets 6 times a year.

We provide support and encouragement to the school whilst continuing to identify areas for improvement. We also celebrate the achievements of our fantastic children and our dedicated staff.

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