Proudly Achieving Together

Governing Body

Oldhill’s governing body are chosen by different means, as vacancies arise. Oldhill has 14 Governors, made up as follows:

  • 4 Parent Governors– elected by parents
  • 1 LA Governor– put forward by the Local Education Authority
  • 2 Staff Governors– elected by the staff
  • 6 Co-Opted Governors –people from the local community and businesses with links to the school, who are invited to be Governors
  • 1 Headteacher– automatically a member of the Governing Body

There are currently 3 Governor Vacancies two of which will be filled in March. Governors normally serve for a term of four years. The Chair and Vice Chair of the Governing Body are elected at the first meeting of the school year, and normally serve for at least one year in these posts. Role of the Governors Governors are required to monitor and be accountable for any area of activity which affects the school. The role is often described as that of a ‘critical friend’. Governors review and contribute to school policy and practice, and contribute to the writing of the School Evaluation Form and the School Development Plan. They are involved in decision-making issues such as: standards of achievement; curriculum development; spending; personnel; admissions; bullying; inspection; and provision for children with special needs. Committees are established within the Governing Body to take responsibility for particular management areas. Individual Governors normally serve on two or more committees, according to their skills, expertise or interest. Usually, the Full Governing Body meets four times a year with committee meetings at least once every term.

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