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Henry Course


Would you like to:

  • feel more confident as a parent?
  • reduce mealtime stress?
  • enjoy being active as a family more often?
  • encourage your child away from the screens and TV?
  • see your child eat more fruit and vegetables?

HENRY recognises that parents’ emotional well-being and confidence are just as important for a healthy lifestyle as nutrition and activity.

Although HENRY is primarily aimed at parents of children under 5 years because of the focus on developing healthy lifestyles right from the start, its principles work for the whole family.

HENRY is a unique and highly successful intervention to protect young children from the physical and emotional consequences of obesity. HENRY works because of its holistic approach, recognising that emotional wellbeing and confident, responsive parenting are just as important for a healthy lifestyle as nutrition and activity. It is the only evidence based intervention that enables a good start for babies and young children by bringing together three key elements:

  1. Information about food and activity to give babies and young children a good start and help the whole family to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
  2. Parenting skills, helping parents develop the confidence and skills to support a healthy lifestyle and emotional wellbeing in the family.
  3. Behaviour change, using solution focused support as part of a strength-based partnership approach to help families change old habits and achieve their goals.

For more information –

The programme is free and is delivered in eight 2 ½ hour sessions

This course will run at the Ihsan Children’s Centre from 7th November to the end of term and there will be a second course running at Oldhill in May 2017.

For more information or to book a place on the course please contact Carol Indge at Oldhill Children’s Centre 0208 806 4130 ext 47

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