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Isle Of Wight Residential 2022

Isle Of Wight Residential 2022

by | May 19, 2022 | Old Hill Communuity | 50 comments

Monday 23 May

As our final day arrives, the children are up and out of cabins and ready for their first two activities; giant swing and Jacob’s ladder.  We have a birthday boy today who gets a go on all activities first and gets first choice at lunch!!

Our lunch is at 12pm and our ferry departs at 1.25pm. We are expecting to be back at 4.30pm, we will keep you informed via text message of our actual time.

Sunday 22 May

Morning all, the sun is shining again as we head into our last full day. Today we have kayaking all morning followed by climbing, a snap shot activity and a campfire this evening.


Saturday 21 May

Good morning all, we had a relatively calm and quiet evening last night and the children fell asleep pretty quickly. Todays activities include sensory trail (children are blindfolded and have to find their way through a muddy route containing many different obstacles), archery, vertical challenge and a visit to the beach. Keep looking photos will be uploaded throughout the day.

Friday 20th May

After a pleasant journey to Portsmouth and lunch on the seafront, we have enjoyed a calm ferry ride across the Solent .

This evening we had fish and chips for dinner and are now enjoying a sports games evening. Activities finish at 9pm and lights out at 10pm. All children are behaving very well and have demonstrated great manners and respect to the staff at PGL.





  1. Karolina

    Zosia I can’t wait to see you in few hours. Pictures are stunning 🙂

  2. Ms omango

    Lovely pictures and I can see how they are enjoying but I can’t see jesurette on Sunday and Monday class pictures taken? Is she alright?

  3. Linda

    Grand rising Zachy!! Missing you much. I can’t wait to see you tonight. Lots of hugs and kisses from mummy, daddy and Amira 😍💋❤️

  4. Lilia Sienna’s mum

    The pictures speak for themselves as we can see just how much fun is being had. What a wonderful experience full of memories to take into your next chapter… Sienna I am so proud of you hope you are having fun.. See you very soon xxx

    • Linda

      Grand rising to you all. Sending you love, blessings and journey mercies. See you soon.
      To all the teaching staff thank you so much for looking after our precious babies. You are so much appreciated. God be with you. 🙏🏽💐🌹

  5. Yvonne

    Thank you to all those who made this trip happen. Wow, the activities look so much fun.

  6. Lynda

    Hello Kay Kay, we miss you and we hope you are having a wonderful time with your friends. The activities look so fun, enjoy it as much as you can, and I’ll see you soon. From mummy, Khyrah, and daddy❤️❤️😘

  7. Leyla

    Hope you all are having an amazing experience and growing in self confidence.

    Fingers crossed your not working the teachers too much lol
    Layali we all love and miss you enjoy this trip, see you soon.

  8. Juliet

    Good to see you are all having good time. Chino so we can’t wait for you to share your experience with us. Big sister Rachael and Daniel send their ❤️. We miss you.

  9. Carol

    Have fun guys see you all soon!
    Give my love to lashaun!

  10. Angela

    Good morning Kamari and D’Angelou, Happy Sunday to you! I know you’re glad to be missing church today Kamari but you can have a pass today lol we’ll pray for all of us! Enjoy your last FULL day there and have a really fun time can’t wait to see you on your birthday tomorrow xxx

  11. Lynette & Maxwell

    Hi DD,

    We miss you loads and loads but we’re so happy you are having an awesome time doing cool activities! We’ve saved you a bowl of palm oil stew that grandma made so you can munch away when you come home. Love you lots and lots and Xavier misses you loads.

  12. Rachel

    Morning Jaden, I can’t wait to hear about your trip when you get home but it looks like you are all having such a great time. Keira, Kylah and Javon say hello and they miss you xx

  13. Daniel

    Hope youre all having a great time do far, miss you layali so much! Have a great day today and cannot wait to see you xxxx love daddy and naenae xxxx

  14. Karis.W

    Hello Lashaun! I know you said you wouldn’t miss me, but I miss you. This looks like so much fun 🤩 can’t wait for my turn next year!❤️❤️

  15. Jason K

    Good morning everyone!
    Jason it’s very nice to see you having fun with your friends. Please enjoy those moments. Your siblings are missing you, especially William who misses kicking about the football in the house. We love you always.

  16. Karolina

    Zosia I love you and I’m watching pics every day I’m sure you having so much fun. Thank you teachers.

  17. Karis.W

    Hello Lashaun, I know you said you wouldn’t miss me but I miss you. This looks so fun! 🤩 Can’t wait for my turn next year! ❤️❤️

    • Carol

      Awww, he misses you karis.
      Don’t worry next year is your turn.

  18. desea

    Happy Sunday everybody. Have a enjoyable day today

  19. desea


  20. Kate

    Morning all, have a wicked last full day and enjoy your campfire tonight. Love you isla. Xxx

  21. Linda

    Good morning all.

    Sending you blessings and love.
    Zachy we miss you 😘. Have a grand time.

  22. Nuvaani

    Morning guys! Have a wonderful last full day. Love you Neriah xxx

  23. Sarah

    Hello,everyone I can see ur day was fulfilled,nd well done our wonderful teachers,Christine, greetings from your dad and your brothers

    • Sophia

      Hello Sedem, we all miss you so much. We hope you are having loads of fun. We have seen the lovely photos. Do have the best of times and wait to see you on tomorrow. Loads of love from everyone.

    • Lisa

      Fantastic pictures,Glad you are all having fun.Looking forward to hearing all about it.DD missing you loads KayKay.xx

  24. Linda

    Thank you so much for the photo updates. The kids are having a whirl of a time!! It’s lovely to see. It reminds me of my days at Glaysbury House..donkey’s years ago 😂. Have fun guys

    • Louise

      Morning everyone looks like your having a fantastic time and having lots of fun 😊 we miss you Shy have a great day!!! ❤️

  25. Juliet

    Chino so we love you and miss you. Remember to say your prayerd

  26. Juliet

    Hello Chinonso, we can see you are having great time with your colleagues and your wonderful teachers. We love you and we miss you.

  27. Miss Michelle

    Wow such fantastic pictures!!! Looks like you’re all having a great time. Enjoy your fun weekend full of activities and making memories, can’t wait to hear all about it when you guys get back 😊

  28. Reena

    Morning all,lovely pics…lovely to see you all having a great time💗💗

    • Peter

      Daddy loves you Neriah! Be good!

  29. Marsha

    Good morning everyone!! God is great you all made it safely🙏🏾🙏🏾 Enjoy your time. We love you Lashaun.❤️

  30. Nuvaani

    Morning guys! I’m so pleased you all had a good first day! Well jel – you guys are doing some amazing activities! Love you loads Neriah 💗 💛 💓 missing you loads but I know your having one of the best times of your life! Enjoy

    • Sarah

      Hello,nice pics,it’s really been fun i see,Christine we really miss u,but am also happy u are experiencing all this,we can’t wait to see u,wishing u all safe trip back 💗 💖 u

  31. Katie

    Good morning guys. Hope you all have a wicked time today! Love you isla. Xxx

  32. Louise

    Hope you all had a great first night 😊 love you Shy shy have a lovely day ❤️ Xx

  33. Desea

    It a blessing you guys are there safe

    • Angela

      Thankyou for the lovely pics! Hoping you’re having a great time Kamari, we all love and miss youxxx

  34. Linda

    Thanking God for journey mercies.
    The kids look so happy. It’s lovely to see you all having a great time.

    Zachy we miss you. Have fun honey 🌹

    • Rachel

      So glad to see you all arrived safe and it looks like your having an amazing time. Love you Jaden and miss you already x

    • Shell

      Good morning all, it’s obvious that your having a great time, but can’t wait to you get back Jahniya we all miss you (especially your Dayah)
      Enjoy your Sunday

  35. Sophia Ankrah

    Thank God you all arrived safely. Have fun guys.
    Can you please upload a photo of Sedem please if you get the chance.
    Thank you.

  36. Louise

    Wow all the children look so happy 😎 Glad you got there safe enjoy your first night.

  37. Louise Talbot

    Wow children all look so happy 😎 enjoy your first night look forward to hearing and seeing more!

  38. Katie

    Love you isla, have an amazing time darling!

  39. Nuvaani Nembhard

    Love you Neriah! Have a great time!

  40. Ridie

    Hello all, we thank God for your safe trip, I wish you all good enjoyment and we missed you princess jesurette , sending her ❤️❤️And lot of kisses and hugs


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