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Welcome to 3M!

I hope you all had a lovely break from what I’m sure was a busy Spring term! We are now entering our 3rd and final term for this academic year and it is going to be exciting!
Have a look at the amazing topics that your child will be learning and engaging in for this summer term
The team for year 3 is as follows;
Mrs Corbett – class teacher
Miss Angelica – class TA
Miss Karin – class TA
For the Summer term 2022 we will be covering the following topics:


Narrative: George’s Marvellous Medicine
For this unit the children will be writing character profiles, writing in role, making medicines, creating posters, writing instructions and creating a newspaper article.
For this unit the children will be writing traditional poems based on comparing countries, exploring characters and story through images, engaging in role play, creating word banks and writing dialogue
Nonfiction (Linked to Science):
For this unit the children will be writing an explanation text, and will learn how to research and take notes.
Narrative: Myths – King Arthur
The children will be writing character descriptions, using language for effect and writing their own legend/adventure story.
Narrative: The nothing to see here hotel
The children will be writing a retelling of a chapter from a book, writing a diary entry, creating a newspaper and writing a limerick


For maths this summer term we will be looking at Statistics and Measurement, Fractions, Time, Properties of shapes and Mass & Capacity. The children will learn about pictograms, measuring using different units and conversions, finding and recognising half, quarter, and thirds, unit fractions, using am and pm, perpendicular and parallel shapes and measuring and comparing mass.


For science this term our first topic will be biology and the children will be learning about Artful flowers. Looking at seeds, dispersal and fruit. Then the second topic will focus on chemistry and the children will be learning about rocks and fossils. They will be comparing and grouping together different kinds of rocks on the basis of their appearance and simple physical properties.

Design Technology (DT)

For the summer term we will be continuing our learning on Structures. The children will be looking at freestanding structures and how they are made. They will also explore making a freestanding structure using different materials and then evaluate the structure.


For the first part of the term our art focus will be linked to our history focus-The Roman Empire. The children will understand the concept of mosaics, evaluate different pieces of work and practise cutting skills (line, curve, circle, corner, etc.) The second half of the term will focus on Light and Shade. The children will discuss the impact of light and shade and how it can be created, experiment using pencils of different gradients and sketch still life objects using a pencil.


For the first part of the term we are continuing our learning on the United Kingdom (UK) and will be looking at how and why London has changed, understanding the impact of daily life in Britain and how it changed and using various sources to research the UK and create a fact file, and looking at satellite images of the UK. The second part of the term we will be focusing on Africa and understanding geographical similarities and differences through the study of human and physical geography of a region in a European country compared to a different continent (Africa)


For history we will be learning about The Romans. The children will learn about The Roman Empire and their army, using a range of sources to research and finding facts about the Roman Gods.

Religious Education (RE)

Our focus for RE is Pilgrimages and specifically finding out why Jerusalem is important to Christians, Muslims and Jews. They will be learning about Hajj, retelling the night journey, understanding how Jesus might have felt during the ‘Via Dolorosa’ and looking at the Western Wall.


The children will be learning about Emotional Development and looking at how their bodies change when they feel different emotions. They will also be exploring the Rights & Responsibilities of the child and understanding that every child has the right to say what they think in all matters affecting them.


This summer term, the focus for ICT is Spreadsheets. Some lessons will include children creating a table of data on a Spreadsheet and creating charts and graphs from data.
Please click here to view the current Summer Timetable for Year 3. 
Our PE day is on Thursday, please ensure your child comes to school wearing their full PE kit.
If you need any further information or need to ask a question please email the class teacher             
Mrs Corbett at





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