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WILLOW CLASS 2023-2024

We are delighted to be underway with another school year. We have already been out and about in the local area to look at the trees from which we take our new class names—Sycamore and Willow. The class teachers this year are Miss Laird (Willow) and Mr Isaac (Sycamore). We are also lucky to be  supported by Miss Brown and Miss Angelica.

If you would like your child to travel home alone, please ensure you have given written permission to the office. Children who bring mobile phones to school must leave them at reception when they arrive. They can be collected at the end of the day from the Bottom Hall where the children leave.

Year 6 is an eventful school year for the children and communication between teachers and parents is even more important than ever. If you have anything you wish to discuss about your child’s education, please do not hesitate to contact the Year 6 Team who will be more than happy to help.


We are reading ‘The Girl Who Stole an Elephant’ by Nizrana Farook, in which a Sri Lankan village girl becomes involved in a coup against a tyrannical ruler. We will be focussing on the narrative style of the author to write our own stories, as well as examining the dilemmas in which the main characters find themselves.

Reading & Spelling: There will be daily guided reading sessions and a weekly spelling test on Wednesday mornings. Please ensure your child completes their Reading Record every day. The words for the spelling test are on the Homework Passport.

Maths:  We will continue to use the White Rose scheme, focussing on place-value and arithmetic this half-term. Maths homework will be given in addition to the activities on the Homework Grid. Please note that there are many useful videos for parents on the White Rose website.

Science: Our science topic this term is Evolution. We will explore how living creatures have adapted to their environments over billions of years, and research the discoveries of Charles Darwin. We will also be participating in a workshop at the Natural History Museum.

ICT: We are developing the children’s coding skills

by following lessons on All children have their own login details so can practise at home if they wish.

PSHCE: This term, we will be looking at ways to protect and improve our mental health and to recognise causes of stress. We will then move on to the topic of Positive Relationships.

RE: Our RE topic is ‘What do Jewish People Believe are Their Responsibilities to God?’ We will examine the places and practices that are important to Jews.

History: We will be learn about the key events leading up to and during World War 2, including the policy of appeasement and the Battle of Britain.

Art: We will be looking at the works of Kathe Kollwitz and Dennis Kreffield and creating mixed media artworks based on their styles.

Geography: Our topic is Asia. We will look at the geographical position of the countries in the continent, key physical and human features, and climate issues affecting the region.

PE: PE will be taught by the Arsenal coaches on Wednesday afternoons. Children are to arrive in school wearing their PE kits.

End of Year Residential

In the summer term we will be going on a four-day trip to Bawdsley Manor in Suffolk where children will enjoy a range of exciting outdoor activities. The cost of the trip is £300 and this can be paid in instalments. There will be a meeting for parents in the next few weeks where more information will be given.


We understand that parents may wish their children to have mobile phones—especially if the children walk to and from school independently. It is essential that all phones are left at the Reception desk at the start of the school day. There are monitors who collect them at the end of the day. Phones left in blazers are at risk of loss or damage. Phones must be switched off on the school premises.

Secondary School Transition: In the next few weeks, your child will be sitting their CATS test. This is an online test which assesses verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills. It is not something the children need to prepare for. The CATS test results are used to help determine which school your child will attend in Year 7. If you would like any help or advice completing your child’s secondary school application, please contact the school office.  Uniform: Please ensure that your child wears the correct uniform, including the correct school shoes, every day—as well as the correct PE kit on Wednesdays.

Homework: Children have been given their new homework books which contain the Homework Grid. They will receive additional Maths homework on Fridays which is to be returned on the following Wednesday.




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