Proudly Achieving Together




PSHCE has been identified at Oldhill Community School as a key focus to enable children to become engaged, independent, creative and critical thinkers. We firmly believe that the factors holding back learning in their setting include children’s difficulties in understanding and managing their feelings, working co-operatively in groups, motivating themselves and demonstrating resilience in the face of setbacks. So we have made this a priority in Oldhill Community to support and strengthen children’s personal, social and emotional development.

Children are given explicit teaching through weekly sessions in order to improve their emotional literacy. At Oldhill we believe that it is important to start at the beginning of school and build on this as they grown and move through the school. We have created a long-term overview plan that scaffolds children’s learning to ensure that they leave Oldhill Community School ready for secondary school and the wider world.

In order to help build children’s everyday life skills we work in partnership with Skills Builder. The programme breaks each skill into steps, supporting progress for students of all ages and abilities – including those with special educational needs.

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PSHCE is not exclusively dealing with the pupils in the school, but rather extends out to staff, parents, carers and the local community. Parents and carers can benefit from the ideas behind PSHCE and some find the strategies and activities useful ways to communicate with their child. In fact, many parents have found that PSHCE has given them access to whole new areas of their child’s personal, social and emotional life, and helped reinforce a close relationship.


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