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Year 6 Residential -Bawdsey Manor

Year 6 Residential -Bawdsey Manor

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After an unplanned adventure on the way home with a coach and a ditch, and roadside den building and YMCA, we finally made it.  It has been a pleasure spending the weekend with your children, they have been brilliant, trying new things, challenging themselves and  supporting and encouraging each other . They should all be very very proud of themselves and you them.  Now time for a good scrub!


Monday 15th May 2023

Good morning all, we have some very tired children!! All have packed and tidied their rooms.  After breakfast, we will be climbing Jacob’s ladder and exploring the camp using maps.  Lunch is at 12.30 and we will be  leaving shortly after.

Sunday 14th May 2023

Good morning everyone. We had a very peaceful night last night, all children fast asleep by 11pm and had to be woken this morning. Today we are zooming down the zip line, scaling new heights on the climbing wall, fighting lake monsters with our canoes and aiming for the bullseye on the rifle range. Tonight we will be strutting our stuff at the disco.

Saturday 13th May 2023

Good Morning from Bawdsey Manor.  After an eventful night’s sleep with the last child asleep at 1 am and the first child awake at 5 am, we have enjoyed a delicious breakfast and are now getting ready for today’s activities.  We will be raft-building, completing a sensory trail blindfolded, jumping off the trapeze, and soaring into the sky on the giant swing. We ended the evening playing dodgeball and crab football.


Welcome to the Year 6 residential page.  This is where all the weekend’s pictures and information will appear.  Please keep checking over the weekend and send comments to your children.  We will share the comments with them.

All children and adults are safely on board and traveling happily to Bawdsey Manor



  1. Mama chyv

    Mally I see you managed to avoid the camera I can hardly see you in the pics 🙃🤣🥹 what’s that about

    Love you and miss you lots I’ll see you when I’m home

  2. Eilisha

    Morning guys. Hope you have had the best weekend ever, the photos have made me smile to see you all having such an amazing time. Can’t wait for you to get back and hear all about it. Logan I’ve missed you and love you. See you soon xx

  3. Miss Benjamin

    To all the children and staff, Enjoy your last few activities and make the best of this once in a life time opportunity. The weekend was great fun, have a safe journey home!

    • Jessica

      Good afternoon everyone, looks like you all had an amazing time. We’ve all missed you Alejandro, can’t wait to see you. Cadenza’s waiting for you to come before she leaves. Your favourite meal will be waiting for you 😂. Love you lots 🥰🥰. Safe journey home everyone

  4. Tara

    Good morning all!
    Today is the dayyyyy! I’m so excited to see you Ted. Safe journey everyone. See you later xxx

  5. Jodey

    Well SI you made it, am proud of you enjoy the rest of the day and see you when you get here. Oh your dad says he’ll see you when you get back. MIME and DIDI can’t wait to see you. Stay bless stay safe.

    • Jodey

      Safe journeys on the way home to all 30 pupils and the members of staff that accompanied the children on this trip of fun and enjoyment.

      • Fabian Eze

        What a great weekend, so happy to see some of photos showing your skills. We can’t wait for you to come home and tell us the rest of the story. We are proud of you kayno. Safe trip back home.

  6. Marsha

    Hey Masey,
    One more sleep and then you are back home….I can’t wait to see you. You guys look like you’re having an amazing time. Enjoy the disco tonight, make sure you throw a few shapes 😂🤣.
    Love you to infinity and beyond,
    Mum xxx

    • Mason's Dad

      Forgive her…..I ain’t been around this weekend

      Hope you’ve had a great weekend bestie


  7. Annabel's Dad

    Hi, Annie!

    It’s nice to see how much fun you and your colleagues are having! I’m sure you’ve got loads of stories to tell upon your return, tomorrow. For now, enjoy!!!

    Best Wishes,


  8. Young_IB1

    Hi miss lard please tell everyone about my comments.
    Thank you!

    • Sam Laird

      Don’t worry Ibrahim I have. We are missing you too!! Can’t wait to see you on Tuesday

  9. Delly

    JOELLE!!! We all miss you very much cannot wait for you to come home!!

    • Miss Thompson

      Hey Guys

      These pics are awesome. Glad to see you’re all having so much fun. Be good. See you all when you get back. Lots of Love, Miss Thompson

      • Oliver

        Hi Pola,

        It’s me your brother hope your having fun. Make the most of this time enjoy every minute of your stay have a great time lots of love your best brother. Miss you the most!!!


  10. Dariusz

    What a great place! I can tell, looking at the photos, everyone is having lots of fun there🤩 Enjoy every minute! Love you lots Lily!

  11. Nicole

    Good Morning kiyanne and Kayno missing you so much… looks like you both are having so much… keep enjoying and continue to have lots of fun.

    • Young_IB1

      Hi guys, me and Eugene are glad to see that you guys are having a lot of fun. Enjoy your last night everyone

      • John

        It looks like you are having a fantastic time, Year 6. I hope you are all enjoying yourselves and that your teachers are still smiling.

  12. Miss Michelle

    Year 6 you have all worked so very hard and deserve every second of this incredible break. The pictures are amazing, so nice to see you all having so much fun and challenging yourselves. The crab football looks very interesting, might have to give that a go in the MUGA!!! Enjoy your last night and I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back!

    • Tara

      Good morning my sonshine. I am missing you so so much, Harrison keeps asking when you’re coming home the house doesn’t feel the same without you. – the pictures look incredible and you all look very happy. Work together and support one another and enjoy your last night. I am so proud of you Teddy and all you have achieved, you deserve this. I love you so much I can’t wait to have you home. Love mum xx

  13. Lorna

    Good morning all,

    its Miss Lorna, i can see you all having an amazing time, have an amazing day!! can’t wait to see you all. xxx

  14. Jodey

    Good Sunday, the last full day, stay bless 🙌🏿 🙏🏿 ✨️ stay safe. Eat well and have fun, see you soon SI.

    • Jodey

      OH! SI, MIME says hi she miss you and am sure DI DI miss you as well.

  15. Lorna

    Good morning Ava,

    it’s Miss Lorna, i hope your having an amazing time with your friends.

  16. Ola's mum

    Hello OLAAAAA!

    I miss you so much my sugarplum, be good and have the best of fun. Mummy loves you💕💕💕

  17. Ibi

    Hi guys it’s me ibi, me and Eugene miss you all a lot. Hope you guys are having a blast! Bye

  18. Young_IB1

    Hi guys it’s me ibrahim I miss you all! Hope you guys are having a great time.

  19. Tara

    Good afternoon Teddy. I’m missing you so much!
    I was so glad to hear you all arrived safely, and I can see the fun has started already. Keep smiling and enjoy yourselves as much as you possibly can. Can’t wait to see you. Love from mum x

  20. Eilisha

    You all look like your having the best time ever. Can’t wait to hear all about it. I miss you Logan xx

  21. Marlena Stysial

    Hi All !
    I hope everyone has amazing time, Pola is on the way to see you guys. All the best for everyone!!

  22. Aunty Kirstie

    Hey Logan,
    Looks like you’re having fun! Lovely to see all the pics. Kyland keeps asking me to check so he can see you. Kiara says “hi gogan”.

  23. Jessica

    Good morning everyone, Alejandro we’re missing you already. I’m glad you’re having fun. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you soon. I love you 🥰

  24. Simone

    Mummy is missing u kai🤗🥰

  25. Khalil's Mum

    Glad to know everyone is safe and having fun. We’re missing khalil like crazy but glad to see he’s enjoying xxx

  26. Khalil's Mum

    I’m glad to see everyone is safe and having fun. We’re missing khalil like crazy but happy to see he’s enjoying xxx

    • Annabel's mum

      Hi everyone
      I hope you are having an amazing time and making lots of memories? We love and miss you Annie. Looking forward to all the stories…..

  27. nicole

    awwww missing my baby so much, enjoy everyone.

    • Marsha

      Looks amazing! I know you all are having a blast. Missing you, Masey. Can’t wait to see you so you can tell me all about it!!
      The house is wayyyy too quiet without you.
      Love you loads
      P.S. Madison says hello 👋 ❤️😘

  28. Jolanta Dragan

    I can see all children are smiling and that what we want:) Lily have fun and be happy. You will share all your experience when you come home. We love you and miss you already 🥰

  29. Jackie

    The children are very happy!

    • Alex

      Looks great!

  30. Mama chyv

    Good morning Mally

    Missing you already I have woken up to no child shouting on his PlayStation for once my house is quite but it’s not normal hope your having a blast and yes I’m checking the website every 2 hours just to see your face mama is missing you but I know your having fun love you to the moon and back ❤️

  31. Jodey

    Lovely, eat heartily and enjoy fully

    • Mayo

      It’s beautiful to see everyone happy and healthily enjoying the trip.

      Daniel, we love you. Have a most wonderful time.

      Come back ‘independent’ and help pay some bills! Looool😉.

  32. P Neagle

    We are having a great time !

    • YOUNG_IB1

      Hi guys it’s me Ibi, I miss you all! Hope you guys are having a great time. Me and Eugene are having a blast aswell.

      • Mayo

        I would like to thank the Headteacher, Year 6 Teachers and Members of the planning committee for your dedication and hard work in making this a lovely time for the children.

        Thanks for taking care of them and the daily pictorial updates.

        Do have a safe trip back everyone.

        Love you Bobo mi and see you soon.


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