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Year 6 visit the Isle of Wight

Year 6 visit the Isle of Wight

by | Jun 7, 2018 | Tyssen School | 43 comments

We arrived safely to the sunny Isle of Wight.  We enjoyed the ferry and are now spending some time at the beach. We ended our first night with a campfire, songs and eating marshmallows.

After a nice big breakfast we will be kayaking, crawling through tunnels and climbing the trapeze.

After a peaceful night the children are ready for an action packed day…..activities include aeroball, giant swing, Jacobs ladder and sensory trail.  Then it’s disco time this evening



  1. Soniya

    Hey Harvey omg so proud of you seeing you doing fun activities we all are missing you so much can’t wait to see u today love all the photos ????????

  2. Stacey

    Morning everyone.. Morning Ramiah.. it’s mum and Kai here. Glad you’ve had so much fun.. we look forward to seeing you later.????

    Thank you so much to all the staff members.


  3. Stacey

    Morning all.. Morning Ramiah..Kairo keeps asking for you and going in your room.. glad you all had fun. We look forward to seeing you later Mi.Missed you loads. Mum.

  4. Fabricia

    Morning Matheus! Looks like you having a fab time.It was very nice to see your smile at one of the pics yesterday, you’re really enjoying it. Can’t wait to hug you this afternoon. Oldhill team we have no worlds to thank you! Enjoy the rest of the day and have a safe trip back x

  5. Dad

    Morning Selorm, pupils and all the staff on the trip. You clearly enjoyed yourselves at the disco lastnite judging by the photos. I saw your dance moves, son and you look so happy too. We are looking forward to seeing you later this afternoon.
    Ms Benjamin, Ms Laird, Ms. Marciniak, Mr. Fernandez and Gillian we say a big thank you to you for not only looking after Selorm but all the other children too. You do a good job and we appreciate your deeds. Thanks!

  6. Dee

    Night Princess

    I hope all is well…i just have a strange feeling and can’t wait to catch up with you tomorrow.

    I hope the disco went well and your last day in Isle Of Wight was memorable one.

    Safe travels tomorrow, we miss you and everyone is waiting to see you.


  7. Mum

    Hi TT, I miss you soooohh much hun.

    It’s so good to see you and your friends and teachers having a good time.

    A big thank you to Oldhill staff for taking the time out to spend the weekend with year 6.

    TT I hope you and your friends enjoy the disco this evening and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

    Love you xx

  8. Zivile

    Hi everyone.
    What an experience!
    Tazmina, I hope you are enjoying It. We miss you. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.
    BTW Sage is doing well.

  9. Dee

    Afternoon guys

    Seems you’re all having a great time.

    Wish tali you’d brought your phone as I could check on you as I don’t see much pics of you. Hope you’re enjoying and experiencing wonderful things. I hope I see more pics of you to put my mind at ease and I’m counting down the days left for your return.

    Miss you hun, love you lots. Xx

  10. Cordel

    Hi Danye, this is your little brother Cordel I hope you are having a good time at Isle of Wight.

  11. Mum

    Hello Selorm, We miss you so much,your dad can’t wait to have you back tomorrow. Love you Loads.
    Mum And The Girls.

  12. Eva

    It is such a joy to see all the happy faces 🙂 Oldhill Team thank you so much for making this trip so enjoyable for our ‘little’ ones and for posting the pictures.
    Maja I can see you’re having a great fun! We are checking the website for new pictures every half an hour, we’re missing you so much! And Tasha is looking for you everywhere 🙂 lots of hugs – mum and dad xx

  13. Fabricia

    Hi there! Here I’m again checking the pictures, they really show that you’re enjoying every moment. I can’t wait to see what you’ll be doing today. Oldhill team, thank you for taking care of them and also for keeping us updated. Why don’t take a pic of you all together? I think it will be awesome ????. Matheus we love you and miss you a lot! ????

  14. Teo

    Hey guys I’ll be checking the photos everyday to see how much fun you guys are having 🙂

  15. Eva

    It is such a joy to see all these happy faces 🙂 Oldhill Team thank you so much for making the trip so enjoyable for our ‘little’ ones and for posting the pictures.
    Maja I can see you’re having a great fun :)We are checking the website for new pictures every half an hour, we are missing you so much! And Tasha is looking for you everywhere. Lots of love and hugs – Mummy and Daddy xx

  16. Toya

    It’s seem like you all are having a blast. This is just a addition to all the great memories our children has built. They have come a mighty long way. I am proud of you Qulen we miss n love you.

  17. kevani

    Hey Tyler me and terrell is missing you so much Iv spent most of the day checking the pictures online so feeling sad ain’t seen you today, hope you had a great day, have a good night (p.s terrell had to sleep with me because he got sad at bedtime), our home is not the same without you. Love you loads boo x

    Sam please can i have more pics of Tyler thank you x

  18. rish

    hello ameraj hope you having fun miss you loads the hole family can’t wait to see you love you daddy

  19. Alina

    It looks like you’re having lots of fun Maddie. Hope you are well and enjoying yourself. Hugs and kisses. Mum and Dad

  20. Delly

    Hi Miss you loads annisa

    Have a great time and Yohan misses you a lot

    Love from Mom

  21. Daniele

    Hi, I’d love to see more pictures of Paulo. Hope you all have great time.

  22. Ria

    Hi there! I haven’t really seen Gabriel in the photos today. Im pretty sure he’s having such a great with the team.
    Hope you’re well sweet and all kids + grown ups.

    Mum xx

    • Ria

      I appreciate the photos, thanks.
      Gabe you look at you boy! you’re having an amazing time with everyone. We’re all so happy to see you in the photos esp Luca- he misses your mischief together!!
      We love you tons xx Mum, Dad & Cookie
      Have a good night all.

  23. Maja mum

    Maja S … you probably do not have enough clothes … maybe you can wash something so that you can have it back. unless you come back in pajamas and flip-flops 🙂 Have fun…

  24. joy

    please can you put more photos of Joshua so the family can see him more thanks.

  25. jordan

    cool ameraj? it’s me jordan how are you doing bro? i hope you enjoy yourself

  26. Teo

    I’m so jealous of all the fun your having. Hope you’re having a lot of fun. I miss you all SO much. Lygsm????

  27. Teo

    Hey guys hope you’re having fun. I miss you all. Have the time of your lives. 🙂

  28. Danco.s Mum

    Wow Danye, this trip looks amazing and you seem to be having alot of fun.
    Enjoy this experience with your fellow year 6 students.
    Stay safe all.

    I will save some of my Birthday cake for you.

    Mummmy xxxx

  29. Dee

    Morning guys

    Glad everyone reached safely and are having a great time.

    Talia missing you loads and so is everyone else.

    Stay safe, enjoy and treasure the moment.

    Love you babes….Xx

    Staff have loads of fun too and remember your the appropriate adults. Lol

  30. Fabricia

    Good morning guys! Looks like you’re having lots of fun!!! I loved the pictures can’t wait to see more. Matheus we miss you so much but we’re glad that you’re having this great experience. Paulo we miss you too and hope you’re enjoying everything. We love you both xxx
    Matheus mum

  31. Josephine Grant

    Hi Blake, all the year 6s and fabulous Oldhill staff. Looks like you’re all having an amazing time. We’re about to be surrounded by a load of 9 year olds doing The Floss and other annoying things so be glad you’re away at your retreat! Have fun – lots of love Greta, Mum and Dad xxx

  32. Ria

    Hi Gabe! Looks like your day will be filled with so much activities and excitement. Have a great time out there and keep safe my love.
    We are thinking of you xx

  33. Kevani

    Hey Tyler we miss you loads terell looks lonely without you. have fun babe don’t forget your prayers enjoy all the activities and the experience. Love you to the end of the world and back xx

  34. Ayaz rob

    Can you take more photos of nailah please. Hope the children are having fun.

  35. Shefa

    Miss you so much nailah remember have fun loads of fun have a good time everyone

  36. Shefa

    Miss you so much nailah remember have fun loads of fun

  37. Mum

    Hey Javon looks like you’re having a good time. Keira keeps asking for you and Jaden misses you too. Can’t wait to see more pics xxxx

  38. Fabricia

    I’m very happy that you have arrived safely. It’s very good to see that you all having a lovely time! Matheus have fun, we miss you already! Mum & dad

  39. Mum

    Wow looks like you all having a fab time. Selorm, the girls miss you already. They send their love. Xoxoxo

  40. Miss Michelle

    Year 6, you have all worked very hard this year and deserve this fun break! Hope you have an amazing time, have fun with all the activities and enjoy a weekend to remember. Can’t wait to see all the pictures!

  41. Tahmina


    I am happy to hear you all have boarded Portsmouth on time.

    safe journey to Little Canada


  42. Tahmina


    I am happy to see they have board the ferry Portsmouth on time.




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